Richmond Hill Orthodontist

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Orthodontics in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Orthodontist
Richmond Hill Orthodontist

Getting a straighter, better aligned set of teeth will certainly give you a more appealing smile, but here at Lefferts Braces, we see the whole picture. There are benefits to having well positioned teeth that go beyond the aesthetic. Our Richmond Hill orthodontist will discuss your goals and help you to enjoy greater levels of oral health and comfort thanks to the services that our practice provides. Our full commitment to you, our valued patient, includes both standard braces and Invisalign, as well as other appliances, mouthguards, retainers, and treatment for TMJ disorder. For children, teens, and adults, we have the ideal orthodontic care and options.

The proper positioning of teeth should not have to wait until adolescence. Phase 1 treatments, or what are called collectively interceptive orthodontics, start as early as age 7. Getting a head start will allow your child to benefit from what is likely to be simpler methods and less time spent later on. For you, it may mean less cost. When it does come time for phrase 2 treatment, typically in the early teen years, your child may be able to avoid it entirely, or at the very least need considerably less attention than would otherwise be the case. Metal braces, which are still the best choice in some cases, are fixed, and because of this are perfect for the child (or adult) who does not want to have to be concerned about taking something out and putting it back in. Meanwhile, Invisalign, also a feature of our Richmond Hill orthodontist, is the ultimate cosmetic choice. It cannot be seen, being made of clear plastic, and is more comfortable to wear. It can even be taken out to eat, thereby eliminating any food restrictions. And unlike some other orthodontic offices, we also provide comprehensive dental exams, because our dedication is not only limited to teeth alignment.

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